Meet the team behind organizing the inaugural Mazatlan International Pickleball Experience “MIPE” and the Mexico International Challenge Cup “MICC”!

John Robertson
John has been a Tournament Director 6 times over, served on 16 other Tournament Committees in 4 countries, including 3 USAPA Nationals and the Bainbridge Cup in Italy. These tournaments had between 120-1400 players and ranged from 1 to 10 days. John also created and implemented a vendor / sponsor program for several clubs and tournaments, trained referees and was the director of the medical team. John started playing 8 years ago and plays at a 3.5 level and has received both gold and silver medals in several tournaments.
Wanda Cassidy
Wanda has 8 years experience with the use of Pickleball Tournaments, and since it’s inception 2 years ago the Pickleball Brackets software platform. Wanda has worked on the Tournament Desk in 4 countries, including the Bainbridge Cup in Italy, on 3 USAPA tournament desks and is always either the lead of up to 12 people running the software, or directly running the tournament desk herself. Wanda has been playing pickleball for 8 years and plays at a 3.5 level.
Ron Ponder
Ron has been playing for six years and reffing for almost as long. He is one of only 200 USAP certified referees and, due to his multiple appearances on livestream and TV refereeing pro matches coupled with his high profile in FB pickleball groups Ron is of one of the best known referees in the world of pickleball. Ron is also a USAP Ambassador, as well as the ex-Director of Ambassadors for the International Federation of Pickleball, and a certified instructor.
Sheena Brewer
Sheena started playing Pickleball in 2015.She is a member of a number of Pickleball clubs in the USA & Canada including the Surrey Pickleball Club, the first club in British Columbia to host a tournament using Pickleball Brackets. Sheena has created and run the tournament desks for a multitude of tournaments and is considered to be one of Pickleballs foremost experts in this area. She is the British Columbia Consultant for Pickleball Brackets.
Randy Bourne
As a former Canadian Junior badminton champion, Randy started playing pickleball in 2011 at the Palm Creek Golf and RV resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. After a short time he was playing at the 5.0 level at tournaments in Canada and the United States.  He has won over 70 medals in tournaments including winning the Canadian championships and medaling in men’s and mixed doubles at the US Nationals held at Palm Creek. Over the last several years he has concentrated on coaching and rating players at his home club of Palm Creek which has over 1500 active members.
Manuel Altamirano
He has spent the last four years in the development of local and regional Pickleball clubs, clinic’s & tournaments “Mono” is also President of the local sports federation and the SAHOP Mazatlán Pickleball club and treasurer of Mazatlan Pickleball Club originally created by a group North American Pickleball Mazatlán vacationers which now boasts of over 400 members! Mono is a gold medal winner in local, regional and National Pickleball tournaments.


Co-founders Simon Lynds & Taunya Hendricks met 2 years ago when they were introduced, to work together, as directors for an international music event that attracted hundreds of guests from all over North America. Both Pickleball and travel enthusiasts, the duo decided to combine their backgrounds and resources and invite the Pickleball community to enjoy a unique experience in beautiful Mazatlán, Mexico.

Simon Lynds
Simon has many years of expertise in creating major events and developing partner relationships in Europe, North America and Mexico. Simon is also an avid Pickleball player and the Vice president of Mazatlán Pickleball Club, a Not for Profit organization, with over 400 members. A long term resident of Mazatlán, he has significant ties to the local community, government and business leaders. Working with Taunya and key Pickleball tournament experts and advisors, John Robertson & Wanda Cassidy, TEAM MIPE is looking forward to bringing you the best Pickleball experience ever!
Taunya M. Hendricks
Taunya’s background extends itself to years of experience in the entertainment, fashion and event industries specializing in marketing, management, customer experiences and project development in North America and Mexico. Taunya is a Pickleball newbie that enjoys watching and supporting just as much as playing.