Prepare to enjoy up to 7 days of a variety of Pickleball play, starting at 9 am, on outdoor courts at the El Cid Resort.

All levels of play are welcome. A court host will be available most days to ensure the games run smoothly.


Thursday and Friday are leisure play days. Meet and play with fellow MIPExperience guests. Take advantage of the time by warming up and practicing on these unstructured play days.

Saturday- Open play, rated round robin games, clinics and skills & drills.

*Clinics will be run by our 4.5 / 5.0 coaches. They will vary by skill level and category. There will be separate group clinics of a maximum of 6 for individual levels up to 4.0. After which, clinics will be tailored to individual player needs.

Sunday and Monday will be the start of the MIPExperience Mini-tournaments. You will need to sign up for either or both days.  Open play and clinics, will also be available if you choose not to participate in the tournaments.

*The tournament structure will ultimately depend on numbers, but are planned to be double elimination by category of men’s, women’s and mixed double play. If possible, we will also incorporate ladder play on one or two days, again subject to skill levels. These will be separated into skill levels of participants.

Team MIPE will be on hand to offer any advice or support you need on either days.

Tuesday is a “Free Day”  You can play at your leisure or sign up for a clinic.  (See the MIPExperience for more info and options)

Wednesday-Open play, round robin games, clinics and skills & drills.

The MICC Tournament has been postponed as part of the inaugural MIPExperience 2024. We will be launching the tournament at a later date.  Subscribe to our email list for updates. Thanks.